Matt Deering, actor, in the Esther series at Scottsdale Bible Church
Easter studio shoot still
Lest We Forget Memorial Day short film by Courtis Merry.
mothers day 2019 short film
John 16 promotional short film
Stroopwafel Spec Ad
Maurice and Katie Khoury my story for Scottsdale Bible Church
Laptop shot from Rene Sudermans my story
Alicia Domingo my story shoot for Scottsdale Bible Church
 Misty Rhoades in the Arizona mountains
Farah Azadeh being filmed for her my story
Will Davis being filmed for his my story
Graphic for Scottsdale Bible's Tanzinia school project
Pete Gedzyk my story still frame
Lisa Klauka in her My Story filmed by Courtis Merry for Scottsdale Bible Church
University of Wisconsin School of Business naming project photo
Bill from his interview for SSM Health
Capital Times 100th Video
Proship CVP 500 Promo Shoot
Ford Mustang in Euphoria
Children being filmed in the St. Xavier Catholic School Promo
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